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Healthy Communities Healthy Youth is an organization designed to motivate and equip individuals, organizations, and their leaders to join together in nurturing competent, caring and responsible youth.

While the origin of HCHY is based on the  "40 DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS" (click to see assets), this group exists today to help achieve this vision: “Inspiring our community to work together in developing healthy, competent, caring and responsible youth: focusing on mental, physical and social health (updated in 2015).” 

HCHY met over 3 meetings in 2015 to establish a long-needed Strategic Plan. The plan has 3 goals:
1. Emotional: Educate the public on mental health issues related to youth and help remove any barriers.
2. Physical: Promote and market what is available in the community and to educate the public on the benefits of youth activity.
3. Social: Define and educate the public on current social challenges facing children and teens.

Much of the organizations focus has been the result of to youth related suicides in 2013-2014. We are always looking for partners within the community and welcome any interest in the committee.

Feel free to contact Adam Krieger at 847-244-1101 ext. *401 with any questions.

HCHY Board of Directors:

Adam Krieger
Warren Township Youth & Family Services

Colleen Pacatte
School District 56

Lori Casey
School District 50

Scott Crowe
Gurnee Park District

Kevin Woodside
Gurnee Police Department

Michael Rivera
Gurnee Community Church

Dr.  John Ahlgrim
School District 121

Noreen Reese
Warren Newport Public Library

Special thanks to:
The Gurnee Park District for its generous support