Keeping lines of communication open starts when they're young
It's a fun way to get everyone talking 
Let's Talk Month helps you get things started...
We invite you and your children to be part of the Healthy Community Healthy Youth (HCHY) initiative called, “ Let’s Talk Month.” As part of the initiative questions will be shared that are intended to create conversations in the home. During Let’s Talk Month parents are encouraged to visit our Facebook and Twitter sites listed below to receive questions on a daily basis to discuss with their family. HCHY would like to provide a catalyst for important family conversations. 

Parents across our community are encouraged to join Healthy Community Healthy Youth on Facebook: You may also follow us on Twitter @HCHYWarren. 

It is our desire that Let’s Talk becomes a symbol of positive communication. Whether it is in the home or work place, school or a community organization, we believe the first step to understanding and building bridges is talking with and listening to one another.