Depression and Suicide Awareness 
Art Poster Competition 
This Competition was in 2015. HCHY is in the process of planning a contest for 2016. 

The Goal: To raise awareness for child and adolescent depression/anxiety and suicide risk-factors in our community; and to reduce the stigma of seeking help. 

Theme: Stop the Stigma 
The theme is about understanding and dealing with child and adolescent depression/anxiety and other mental health issues by getting past the stigma. The goal is to create a community where youth and their parents feel they can freely seek help if their child is struggling with mental health problems. 

Purpose: The selected image will be combined later with additional information, including where to seek help. These posters will be displayed in public spaces within Warren Township. The images may also be used on other related material.

                                          RUNNER UP POSTERS

 Artist: Maddison Zeni, 7th grade at Woodland Middle School (left) and Saniya Ahmed 10th grade at WTHS (right). The winning posters are on the home page.

At this time, HCHY is in the process of forming a Teen Committee to make future decisions about the poster contest. Decisions on the next poster contest will be posted at a later date.

Questions, you can contact Adam Krieger at